Marine Safety Act 1998 Review Open for Comments

The Maritime Management Centre of Transport for New South Wales (NSW) is carrying out a review of the Marine Safety Act 1998 and is seeking comments from the public.

Marine Safety Act 1998 Review Open for Comments

The Act regulates all vessels operating in NSW ports and waterways. Each year there are over 5,500 large ship visits to major NSW ports and there are nearly 10,000 commercial vessels operating in NSW.

NSW has approximately 228,600 registered recreational vessels, and more than 485,800 people hold a recreational boat licence issued under the Act.

The review is to examine if the policy objectives of the Act are still valid and whether the terms of the Act remain appropriate for securing those objectives.

The policy objectives of the Act, which are described in the Act as “objects”, are to:

  • ensure the safe operation of vessels in ports and other waterways
  • promote the responsible operation of vessels in those waters so as to protect the safety and amenity of other users of those waters and the amenity of occupiers of adjoining land
  • provide for the investigation of marine accidents and for appropriate action following any such investigation
  • consolidate marine safety legislation.

This discussion paper provides an opportunity for the public opinion on the effectiveness of the Act in meeting its objectives and the proposed changes to the Act.

The closing date for submissions is 24 April 2014.

Review of NSW Marine Safety Act 1998 Discussion Paper


[mappress], March 21, 2014


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