Massachusetts Delegation to Visit European Offshore Wind Industry

A delegation from Massachusetts is planning a five-day trip to Europe next week to learn more about best practice in developing offshore wind and gather more information about its supporting industries, reports South Coast Today.

Matt Morrissey, executive director for the city’s Economic Development Council, will accompany a group of delegates among which there are Patrick Cloney, CEO of the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, New Bedford’s John Miller from the Marine Renewable Energy Center and Paul Vigeant, assistant chancellor for economic development at UMass Dartmouth.

Upon their arrival in England, the delegates will spend a day at Oceanology International in London, a bi-annual global forum on ocean science and marine technology. After visiting the Siemens factory, a leading Danish turbine manufacturer, they will spend some time in Esbjerg on the Jutland peninsula in Denmark, which is a key port in that country’s offshore wind industry. The remaining time will be devoted to meeting officials in Germany and visiting manufacturers and sites.

The meetings in Germany and Denmark will focus on new business and collaboration opportunities in the wind energy sector, as we work to create a robust supply chain for offshore wind right here in Massachusetts. We will also be meeting experienced leaders who have successfully built marine terminal projects like the New Bedford Marine Terminal, to understand what has worked and what has not worked in the global wind economy,” said Cloney.

Offshore WIND Staff, March 08, 2012