MCG to Perform MC2D Survey in Barents’ Hoop Area

On the 5th of June, MCG and Exploro mobilized Gardline’s Polar Surveyor for the Super High-Resolution MC2D survey in the Hoop area in the Norwegian Barents Sea.

MCG to Perform MC2D Survey in Barents' Hoop Area

The survey will last approximately two months and final, broadband processing will be completed before year end. DownUnder GeoSolutions (DUG) will process the data.

This Super High-Resolution MC2D survey will provide the oil companies with detailed information of the shallow, proven, Jurassic reservoir in the Hoop area.

MCG1401 Super Hi-Res Hoop

The Hanssen and Apollo wells, drilled by OMV and Statoil respectively, and the upcoming additional Statoil wells Atlantis and Mercury, as well as blocks for the 23rd Concession Round shows that this area is very attractive to the oil companies. This Super High-Resolution MC2D survey will both be used independently and complimentary to other geophysical data in the area.


 MCG to Conduct Multi-Client 2D Seismic Survey in Barents Sea

Press Release, June 09, 2014; Image: Shipspotting, MCG
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