Meetings Held for Reading and Caversham Scheme

In February and March 2020 the Environment Agency held a number of drop-in sessions in north Reading and Lower Caversham regarding the proposed flood alleviation scheme.

Due to the escalation in the UK’s response to the coronavirus the the final event scheduled for Friday 20 March was cancelled.

At the drop-ins, the Environment Agency shared new information after listening to feedback in 2018 and 2019.

The Environment Agency estimates that the Reading and Caversham Flood Alleviation Scheme will cost £30 million for the design and construction.

According to the EA, the option that would reduce the impacts of flooding for the largest number of people includes a combination of:

  • earth embankments
  • flood walls
  • removable temporary flood barriers

These could be built from Promenade Road to past Berry Brook on the north bank of the River Thames and from Caversham Bridge to Reading Bridge on the south side of the river.

The Environment Agency also added that the scheme is still in the early stages of development and in process of identifying its requirements. This includes its funding and necessary permissions.