Mexico Pacific secures funds for Sonora LNG project

Mexico Pacific Limited said that Aecom Capital’s Infrastructure fund pledged to invest in the development of its LNG liquefaction complex on the Gulf of California in Mexico.

Based at Puerto Libertad in the state of Sonora, MPL has a deep-water port and is interconnected with the US shale gas grid by multiple natural gas pipelines, which are already in service bringing natural gas to the site.

MPL president Robert Kelly said, “AECOM Capital’s Infrastructure fund’s financial commitment and development investment expertise materially strengthens MPL’s position and will allow us to conclude pre-construction work and ensure the LNG facility achieves target operations by 2022.”

MLP is a joint venture of DKRW Energy Sonora Holding and Aecom Capital.

Kelly noted the investment is an important milestone for the project that would supply the Mexican, South American, Central American and Pacific basin markets.

Aecom Capital’s Infrastructure fund’s senior managing director, Mark McComiskey said the fund studied a multiple LNG infrastructure projects globally finding MLP as offering “significant advantages to serving leading growth LNG markets in Mexico, the Americas and Asia.”