A MingYang banner promoting the new wind turbine, with rotor centre close up

MingYang unveils hybrid-drive 11 MW offshore wind turbine

MingYang Smart Energy Group introduced its new MySE11-203 offshore wind turbine on 7 July. Featuring hybrid drive, nameplate capacity of 11 MW, and a rotor diameter of 203 meters, MySE11-203 is said to be the world’s biggest hybrid-drive wind turbine.

MingYang Smart Energy

The company plans to install a prototype of the new wind turbine in 2021 and have it commercially available in 2022.

MySE11-203’s 99-metre long carbon-glass hybrid blades have a swept area of 32,365 square metres.

The wind turbine will have a 31% higher annual energy production than its predecessor, a super compact design and an optimal substructure – at a lower cost, thus lowering the LCoE of an offshore wind farm, according to the China-based manufacturer.

“The short and strong structure can reduce loads to the drivetrain of turbines, so that it is composed of less fragile components; the medium-speed gearbox is similar in structure to the aero-engine gearboxes with a high reliability gene; the compact design ensures the isolation inside the nacelle against corrosion caused by salty sea air; moreover,the lubrication system with high-precision 5µm filtration guarantees the high reliability and longer life of bearings and gear transmissions”, MingYang stated.

In 2018, MingYang installed two MySE5.5-155 turbines at China Three Gorges’ Xinghua Bay Ⅰ pilot project. 

In June this year, China Three Gorges (CTG) selected MingYang to deliver wind turbines for the 280 MW Xinghua Bay II offshore wind farm. Located five kilometers off the coast of Xinghua Bay North, Fujian province, the wind farm will feature typhoon-class MySE 8.0-180 wind turbines.

Two months earlier, the wind turbine supplier secured a contract for the Huizhou Gangkou Phase 1 offshore wind project. The 400 MW offshore wind farm will feature 64 MySE6.25-180 wind turbines.

MingYang said that up to the end of the first quarter of 2020 its orders reached 15.23 GW, of which hybrid drive wind turbines accounted for about 92 per cent.