Mermaid Cove; Source: MMA Offshore Woodside

MMA Offshore scores AHT duo charter extension with Woodside

Australian offshore support vessel company MMA Offshore has secured vessel charter extensions with compatriot Woodside Energy.

Mermaid Cove; Source: MMA Offshore

MMA Offshore said last week that the contracts were for two of the company’s vessels and would run until March 2022.

The extensions increase the company’s contracted revenue for full-year 2021 and full-year 2022 by approximately A$16M (around $11.5 million).

Under the existing contract, the Mermaid Sound and the Mermaid Strait anchor handling tug (AHT) vessels have provided FPSO offtake support services on the North West Shelf of Western Australia.

As for the terms of the contract extension, the Mermaid Sound will be replaced by the Mermaid Cove, and the firm period of both contracts will be extended through to March 2022.

MMA’s managing director David Ross said: “We are extremely pleased to secure these contract extensions which give us greater certainty in our forward contract book in the current environment.

Woodside has been a very significant long-term client for MMA and we look forward to continuing to support their operations safely and efficiently”.