Photo: Courtesz of Powerzeek

MOWI buys green LNG through the Powerzeek Energy Platform

Online marine and land transportation fuel acquisition platform Powerzeek reports that Mowi, the world´s largest salmon producer, bought 200 tons of green LNG through  CleanCombo.

MOWI buys green LNG through the Powerzeek Energy Platform
Courtesz of Powerzeek

Powerzeek´s CleanCombo is a new bundled product where the partners of the Powerzeek community are connected to provide a complete clean energy solution. The official launch of the product on the platform is expected later this spring, Powerzeek announced on its social media.

Through the CleanCombo contract, the suppliers of the physical energy product are connected with transporters, equipment suppliers, and other service providers.

Through the purchase of biogas certificates and carbon offsets, Powerzeek provides green LNG where part of the product is renewable and all CO2 has been offset.

The green LNG that MOWI bought will be used for commissioning and training activities at its LNG regasification and ship bunkering terminal at Kyleakin, Isle of Skye.

MOWI Scotland´s HSE and LNG manager Craig Forrester said: “As a company committed to working towards a sustainable development of our industry, we are every day looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint. We are therefore grateful for the efforts that Powerzeek has put in to find solutions for a more sustainable and cost-effective energy for our feed plant in Scotland”.