NEMOS Prototype on Trials in Nantes

Within the EU-Project MARINET a test series have been conducted on a 1:5 scaled NEMOS-device at the ECN in Nantes, with one of the biggest wave tanks in the world.

Due to the precise adjustments and reproducibility of the wave conditions, extensive hydromechanical parameter studies could have been made.

The results of the more than 200 realised tests will be integrated in the automation of the system during the upcoming field tests and the full-scaled device.

The NEMOS-system consists of an elongated floating body which is connected to the seabed by three ropes. Excited by the movement of the waves, it transmits mechanical energy to a generator positioned protected from sea water at a monopile. Due to innovative trajectories and control algorithms, up to 80 % of the incoming wave energy can be used to drive electric generators.

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