New Bill Could Jeopardise New Bedford’s OW Plans

New Bill Could Jeopardise New Bedford's OW Plans

New Bedford officials are fighting against a bill before the Massachusetts Legislature that could, according to them, threaten the plans city has in terms of offshore wind energy, writes the South Coast Today News portal.

Namely, the bill would require Massachusetts utilities to collectively purchase 2,000 megawatts of renewable energy.

Besides wind energy, both onshore and offshore, utilities would be also able to sign long term contracts, from 20 up to 25 years, with generators of solar power and hydropower.

Due to the existing hydropower projects in Quebec, Canada, New Bedford Wind Energy Center Director Matthew Morrissey fears that the new bill would subsidize Canadian hydropower instead of Massachusetts offshore wind.

Massachusetts is already building the USD 100 million South Terminal project, which will become the first port in the United States equipped to support offshore wind turbine deployment.

The new terminal will solidify Massachusetts’ role as a leader in clean energy and energy efficiency.

Offshore WIND staff, April 10, 2014