Vår Energi

New Vår Energi CEO formally takes over

The chief executive officer (CEO) role of oil and gas company Vår Energi has been formally taken over by Torger Rød, following the announcement of his appointment at the start of 2021.

Torger Rød; Source: Vår Energi

Vår Energi said in January that Torger Rød would replace Kristin F. Kragseth who accepted the position as CEO of Petoro, the management company for the Norwegian state-owned oil and gas interests.

Kragseth had been the CEO of Vår Energi since its establishment in 2018 through the merger between Eni Norge and Point Resources.

Rød comes from the position of head of safety and security in Equinor. He has spent the last 22 years working with Equinor (formerly Statoil) both in Norway and internationally, including his role as SVP of project development, overlooking all development projects for the company.

The new CEO Torger Rød said: “I am very proud to take over the leadership of Vår Energi – one of the largest operators on the Norwegian shelf. Vår Energi is a very exciting company. Its size, highly valuable assets, capable organisation and resourceful and ambitious owners place it amongst the elite in the industry. Vår Energi is a young company that has come a long way in a short time, since its establishment in 2018. It is impressive to see what has been achieved so far.

Taking over one of the leading NCS actors in a time of unprecedented challenges for the industry is very inspiring. The climate challenge can only be solved through the deep involvement and transition of the oil and gas sector.

The Norwegian oil and gas industry is well-positioned to take a leading role in this, whilst continuing to provide employment across the country and income for the state. I am looking forward to participating in shaping the company for a long-term future on the Norwegian shelf, balancing environmental, social and economic dimensions”.

Phil Hemmens, chairman of the board at Vår Energi added: “The board is delighted to have Torger join Vår Energi. He has the experience, leadership skills and energy to take the company into an exciting, yet challenging future.

The board has ambitious growth plans for Vår Energi, whilst moving the company in a more sustainable direction. Torger has deep knowledge and experience from the energy sector, having been responsible for major project developments globally, including renewable and low carbon projects. His proven track record is the perfect fit for Vår Energi“.