NIGC: Iranian Plants Process More Than 136 Bcm of Gas

NIGC Iranian plants Process  More Than 136 Bcm of Gas

Iranian gas processing plants have processed more than 136 billion cubic meters of gas since the beginning of current Iranian calendar year, 20 March 2012, up by 5 percent against similar period last year.

Dispatching department manager at National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC), Hasan Montazer Torbati, made the remarks adding the volume has been transferred to consumption destinations across the country through 35 thousand kilometers of high-pressure gas grid and 70 boosting gas pressure stations.

The company delivers gas to 938 cities and about 14 thousand villages across the country through 210 thousand kilometers of gas pipeline infrastructures.

On delivering gas to CNG stations, NIGC official said that 18 million cubic meters of CNG were being delivered to CNG stations on a daily basis.

CNG not only lowers gasoline consumption, but also make gasoline imports unnecessary, leading to self-sufficiency in production of the fuel and curbs environmental pollution, Torbati told Shana.

Stating that the country sits atop 16 percent of world’s gas reserves, NIGC official said that Iran as the second largest holder of gas reserves, ranks fourth in the world in view of gas production capacity and consumes 4.5 percent of total global gas output despite its population make up just 1.5 percent of the world’s.

LNG World News Staff, January 21, 2013; Image: NIGC