Nigeria: Militants promise ‘brutal and bloody’ attacks against oil firms. Target Egina FPSO

Niger Delta Avengers, a militant group in Nigeria, has said it is resuming hostilities against the Nigerian government and oil and gas companies doing business in the country.

The militants, who came to fore in 2016 after blowing up some oil installations in Nigeria, have accused the Nigerian government of using the oil resources from the Niger Delta for its own benefit, without investing anything back to the people of the region.

In a statement on Friday, the militants’ spokesman going under the name of Maj. Gen. Murdoch Agbinibo warned the oil companies of the upcoming attacks that will be “brutish, brutal and bloody.”

“Message to the oil companies; Our next line of operation will not be like the 2016 campaign which we operated successfully without any casualties; this outing will be brutish, brutal and bloody, as we are shall [sic] crush everything we meet on our path to completely put off the fires that burn to flair gas in our communities and cut every pipe that moves crude away from our region. We can assure you that every oil installation in our region will feel warmth of the wrath of the Niger Delta Avengers.

The militant’s have also threatened to hamper the multi-billion development of Total’s Egina offshore oil field. The FPSO for the project has left Samsung’s shipyard in Korea earlier this week.

NDA’s Agbinibo said: “To the Nigerian Government, we are aware of Egina FPSO built in South Korea by Samsung to be operated by Total Nigeria is one of the biggest FPSO built in South Korea has started it’s voyage to the oil fields of the Niger Delta to further exploit us while our concerns are left unattended. We are presently tracking and monitoring it’s [sic] movement; and God willing it shall not operate successfully in amidst [sic] the return of the fury of the Niger Delta Avengers.”

“The Niger Delta Avengers are back and will not spare anything or anyone on our path to actualize a united and free Niger Delta.”

To remind, the group last year blew up Chevron’s platform in Nigeria’s oil rich Niger Delta. Also, oil giant Shell last May reportedly evacuated most of the workers from its Eja OML 79 offshore platform, and some of its workers from the nearby Bonga field, offshore Nigeria, following a security threat.

Offshore Energy Today Staff