No hydrocarbons sighted following Cliff Head spill, Triangle says

No hydrocarbons were sighted in the maritime environment and shoreline following low-level spill at Cliff Head Alpha platform off Australia, according to Triangle Energy’s statement on Thursday.

To remind, Triangle Energy reported an interruption to production occurred on Tuesday at the Cliff Head Alpha offshore platform located in Australia’s Perth Basin.

Namely, severe weather and sea conditions caused a small crack in the flow meter on the CH6 Well resulting in a loss of produced fluid (a mix of water and oil) and the interruption to production. The incident was classified as a low-level oil spill, in the range of zero to 10,000 liters.

This was the second production interruption for a well on the Cliff Head platform in less than two months, following a technical issue with well CH12H which caused a production stop back in late May.

Triangle said on Thursday that no hydrocarbons were sighted in the marine environment as of 15:00 hours on July 26, following aerial and shoreline surveillance. No hydrocarbons were sighted on the shoreline either, Triangle added.

The company remains of the opinion that environmental impact will be negligible due to the containment of produced fluid on the platform itself and the extreme sea conditions which naturally dissipate this type of fluid.

Triangle added that the weather and sea conditions prevented any access to the Cliff Head Alpha platform at any time on Thursday.

It is also worth mentioning that, earlier this month, Triangle identified exploration prospects near its Cliff Head field that could hold a prospective volume of 29 million barrels. This was over 80 percent increase compared to a previous estimate of 15.7 million barrels.

Offshore Energy Today Staff

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