Nord Stream Gas Flows Again after a Two-Week Shutdown

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Nord Stream Gas Flows Again after a Two-Week Shutdown

Nord Stream on Saturday completed the process of adapting the control system to integrate the two lines into a single automated twin-pipeline gas transport system.

Following the two-week process that included adapting and testing the integrated control system for the twin pipelines, the required certifications were received and valves were re-opened on April 28, resuming the gas flow.

Pipe-laying of the second of the twin 1,224-kilometre pipelines has been completed on April 18, and the three sections will be joined underwater off the Finnish coast in mid-May and off the Swedish coast in early June. Pre-commissioning activities of the second pipeline will take place over the summer, and the second line is on schedule to become operational as part of the integrated twin-pipeline system towards the end of the year.

Source: Nord Stream, April 30, 2012

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