Photo: Courtesy of JAX LNG

NorthStar advances JAX LNG capacity expansion

LNG logistics provider NorthStar reports progress on the expansion of JAX LNG and the construction of the Clean Canaveral, the 5,400 cubic metres LNG articulated tug-barge unit (ATB).

NorthStar expands JAX LNG
Courtesy of JAX LNG

The expansion of JAX LNG facility and the construction of ATB Clean Canaveral continue as expected towards being in service by the last quarter of 2021.

NorthStar and Pivotal LNG, a subsidiary of BHE GT&S, are tripling the JAX LNG facility’s production capability to 360,000 gallons per day and doubling LNG storage capacity to four million gallons.

The JAX LNG facility has been in service since the end of 2018. JAX LNG has safely completed more than 150 deliveries of LNG to the Clean Jacksonville bunker barge.

Tim Casey, senior vice president LNG for NorthStar, said: “The expansion of JAX LNG and the construction of the Clean Canaveral will allow us to supply our existing customers, take on new customers and deliver LNG to points anywhere from Savannah, Georgia to Miami, Florida. The market for LNG as a bunker fuel is accelerating as more LNG-powered ships are put into service. JAX LNG and Polaris New Energy are prepared to support the shipping industry’s important effort to reduce its carbon footprint by using LNG, an environmentally friendly fuel that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over 20 percent.”

In addition, NorthStar recently closed on a $137 million debt financing facility to support these LNG expansions.