Norway: Gullfaks A platform back on stream after gas leak

Statoil shut down production at its Gullfaks A platform in the North Sea after a gas alarm was triggered on Sunday. The production was restored late last night. 

This is the third incident to happen on a Statoil-operated facility during the weekend and a fourth one in less than a week.

Namely, five people were exposed to poisonous H2S gas last Wednesday at Statoil-operated Sture Terminal in Hordaland, Norway.

Further, a well control incident happened on Saturday aboard the Songa Endurance drilling rig located on Statoil’s Troll field and, on Sunday, a fire broke out on the Statoil-operated Statfjord A platform.

According to Reuters, the alarm sounded off on the Gullfaks A platform on Sunday afternoon and the personnel not in charge of dealing with the emergency mustered to the lifeboats.

Offshore Energy Today has reached out to Statoil seeking confirmation as well as further details about the incident on board the Gullfaks A platform.

The company’s spokesperson told Offshore Energy Today that Gullfaks A is back on stream since late last night.

The main Gullfaks field lies in block 34/10 in the northern part of the Norwegian North Sea.  It has been developed with three large concrete production platforms.

The Gullfaks A platform began production on December 22, 1986, with Gullfaks B following on February 29, 1988, and the C platform on November 4, 1989.

Offshore Energy Today Staff