Number of Gazprom’s CNG/LNG filing stations rises in 2014

Gazprom Group said it has significantly increased the number of operating CNG and LNG filling stations in Europe and boosted gas sales for transport in 2014.

Gazprom Group companies operate 44 CNG filling stations and 2 LNG filling units in Europe. Another 6 stations run by partner companies are sourcing gas from Gazprom. In comparison, at the year-end 2013 Gazprom Group owned 27 gas filling stations in Europe, according to a company statement.

Volumes of CNG and LNG marketed through the network of company’s and partner operated gas filling stations surged more than 9-foldagainst 2013.

The majority of CNG filling stations owned by Gazprom Group are concentrated in Germany, totaling 27. The Czech Republic and Slovakia, with 17 filling stations, is another important market. Poland hosts 2 LNG filling units which are used to tank gas-fuelled buses in Warsaw and Olsztyn. This is the first and so far the only project in Europe featuring city buses fuelled by liquefied methane.

Gazprom Group considers the growing market of gas as motor fuel in Europe very promising, and plans to build up the chain of refueling stations and therefore increase the volume of sales of natural gas as fuel for transport.


Press Release; Image: Gazprom

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