Ocean Rig cleaning up its act in social dumping case

Offshore driller Ocean Rig has reached an agreement with the Norwegian offshore workers’ union, Industri Energi, to “clean up” the social dumping on its Leiv Eiriksson rig. 

To remind, Industri Energi in early February discovered social dumping on the Ocean Rig-owned semi-submersible drilling rig Leiv Eiriksson. The rig is working offshore Norway for Lundin.

According to the European Foundation (Eurofound), despite an increase in usage of the expression, there is still no clear, universally accepted definition of ‘social dumping,’ but the term itself has a negative connotations, hinting at the exploitation of workers.

Industri Energi reported on Monday that, following the discovery of this case, the union pursued the matter and, after several meetings, Ocean Rig agreed to pay the hired workers under the rig contract.

The union also said that Ocean Rig confirmed that the future hiring will follow the collective agreement.

Union secretary Harald Hereid said the union will intensify its efforts in the future to check the pay conditions.

“We will make additional salary inspections and work closely with local representatives to ensure payments are made according to collective agreements,” Hereid concluded.

When it comes to the rig’s current status, the semi-sub recently started drilling an appraisal well on the Gohta discovery in the Barents Sea.

Offshore Energy Today Staff