OceanWorks Delivers SMM Handling Aid to MWCC

OceanWorks International has designed and recently delivered the Static Mixer Module (SMM) Handling Aid to Marine Well Containment Company (MWCC) as part of the OceanWorks designed Subsea Dispersant Fluid System (SDFS).

The delivery of the Static Mixer Module Handling Aid is significant as it allows for the safe handling and storage of the SMM, which itself enables dispersant to be injected directly at a wellhead in the event well fluids are released, OceanWorks wrote.

Given the height of the SMM (17ft) in the upright position and its elevated center of gravity (CoG), it must be in the horizontal position for road transportation; and pivoted to the vertical position in the Handling Aid when being loaded onto a vessel for sea transport.

OceanWorks took these transportation requirements into account in the design of the SMM Handling Aid.

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