Deepsea Mira rig; Source: Odjell Drilling

Odfjell Drilling cheers completion of ‘complex’ rig move off Namibia

Offshore drilling player Odfjell Drilling has tucked another milestone under its belt and boosted operational efficiency by employing a new method to complete a rig move for a semi-submersible it manages on behalf of Northern Ocean. The rig is working for TotalEnergies off Namibia.

Deepsea Mira rig; Source: Odjell Drilling

TotalEnergies hired the Deepsea Mira rig on a multi-country drilling contract in December 2022. With an estimated firm duration of 300 days, plus one 180-day option and a 90-day option, the rig’s contract was originally expected to start in the middle of the second quarter of 2023. As the rig experienced some delays loading equipment and performing required maintenance during the transit, it did not begin the contract until June 2023. 

During the third quarter of 2023, the Deepsea Mira rig was drilling offshore Namibia to appraise the Venus discovery. The wells drilled offshore Namibia are located in deep water and the unpredictability of the currents and weather makes it similar to other harsh environment locations. Despite this challenge, Odfjell Drilling explains that it completed several wells in these conditions “efficiently.”

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Following the completion of operations at Venus, the Deepsea Mira rig was also able to move to the next location whilst the BOP string was still suspended at 3,000 meters, increasing the efficiency of mobilization to the next drilling location and further proving the capability of harsh environment semi-submersibles to drill in deepwater locations such as offshore Namibia, according to the offshore drilling player.

While commenting on this rig move, Odfjell Drilling highlighted: “The Odfjell Drilling team recently completed a complex task, by moving Deepsea Mira from one location to another with the BOP and LMRP strings suspended at close to 3,000 meters depth, and thereafter landed and connected to the next well at 3,007 meters water depth.

“It was the first time ever that the method was put into play, resulting in a significantly increased operational efficiency. We are incredibly proud of our teams onshore in Bergen and Namibia, and our team offshore at Deepsea Mira, for solving challenges with innovative solutions, ensuring safe and efficient operations.”

The Deepsea Mira is an enhanced and extended CS 60 E harsh environment design semi-submersible delivered by Hyundai Heavy in South Korea. The rig is managed by Odfjell Drilling following an agreement with Northern in December 2021. As the management of the rig was transferred from Seadrill to Odfjell, the rig also got a new name to reflect the change.