OEEC: Supply chain challenges tackled with Van Oord

The Master Class with Koos van Oord at the Offshore Energy Exhibition and Conference (OEEC) on Tuesday provided the attendees a valuable insight on how to deal with and adapt to the demands the offshore supply industry is facing during the challenging times in the offshore energy sector.

Koos van Oord, Area Manager at Van Oord Offshore, an international contractor specializing in dredging, marine engineering, and offshore projects, held a master class session dedicated to starters and young professionals who are looking to make it in the offshore energy sector.

Starting with an overview of Van Oord Offshore’s activities, the session continued with an informal exchange of ideas and experiences, offering a fresh take on the crisis in offshore supply industry.

Namely, the attendees at the session were presented with a virtual business case and then challenged to come up with a strategy for the Van Oord product group Offshore Pipeline Installation (OPI) to survive the downturn and prepare for the upswing.

The groups produced a diverse set of ideas for solving the problem and presented them to Van Oord who provided a feedback and advice on the points made.

Commenting on the session, Koos van Oord said: “It’s very inspiring to hear from young people and I was very amazed how quickly they picked up what the issues were, and with the ideas they had.”

One of the participants said the master class session served as a bridge for the gap that exists between the knowledge the students attain through education, and the use of such knowledge in the concrete situations.

Source: Navingo BV

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