OEEC: Video highlights of day 1

First day of this years’ Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference 2017 being held at Amstedam RAI is behind us.

During the day four Technical Sessions took place as well as Community Square, Industry Panel and day two of the Offshore WIND Conference and the (co-located) Dredging Today Conference.

One of the sessions that caught the attention of Tidal Energy Today was ‘The rise of renewables session that offered a quick-scan of various renewable energy technologies currently under development.

The session provided an overview on global renewable energy developments, delivered by the moderator of the session, Mike Frampton, Renewables Business Line Director at LOC Group, who also spoke about supply chain and technical developments underpinning the growth of renewables.

The session continued with a presentation from Piet Ackermans, Chairman of Dutch Energy from Water Association (EWA) who talked about Dutch expertise in dealing with water.

Furthermore, ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) technology was brought closer to the audience by Berend Jan Kleute, Chief Technology Officer at Bluerise.

The session went on with an update on wave energy developments that were presented by Roelof Schuitema, Director at Teamwork Technology.

Andy Butler from Longitude Engineering wrapped up the session by presenting several case studies where engineering ingenuity managed to deliver solutions that greatly assisted and accelerated the delivery of projects.

The second day of Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference will see the start of Marine Energy Event 2017.

The Marine Energy Event, organized in cooperation with the Dutch Energy from Water Association (EWA) and Dutch Marine Energy Centre (DMEC), presents the latest developments in international marine energy projects, environmental monitoring, testing infrastructure, offshore safety and construction, and the evolving trends and export markets of this sector.

Tidal Energy Today Staff