We connect the maritime and offshore world for sustainable solutions. Via valuable insights and foresights we provide an overview on what’s going on in our industries.

Offshore Energy Virtual Event has an extensive two day programme which informs about projects, new products, companies, market opportunities and trends.

Join round-table sessions, go 1-to-1 matchmaking, watch the live talk shows and meet the exhibitors in a digital way.

27 & 28 October, Virtual & RAI Amsterdam

  • Virtual Event
    A host will welcome you in the digital Offshore Energy Environment. From here you can meet the exhibitors, join the talk shows, watch the showcases and start matchmaking.
  • Meet the exhibitors & partners
    In the digitally enhanced format, networking, sharing knowledge and visibility will still be leading.
  • Company showcases
    Watch the virtual company showcases and get in touch with the Offshore Energy Exhibitors. Showcases are presentations by our exhibitors about a recent innovation, new product or service. This can be a presentation, but also a tour through a company’s workplace or a demo of a product.
  • Live talk shows
    During the talk shows, a designated topic will be discussed by industry players, under the guidance of a knowledgeable facilitator. Afterwards there is the opportunity to digitally meet, discuss and ask questions.
  • Round tables
    Hosted by Offshore Energy Exhibitors and moderated by experienced facilitators to ensure that it is a substantive conversation. Joining a round table is on invitation only.
  • 1-on-1 Matchmaking
    OEEC offers a matchmaking programme that is available to visitors. This feature makes It possible to get to know each other and to share knowledge about various topics relate to Offshore energy, without having to meet on a physical location.
  • Offshore Energy Talks
    During the Offshore Energy Talks experts present insights and views on different aspects of the offshore energy industry. The individual presentations provide in-depth knowledge and fresh ideas.

27 October, Virtual & RAI Amsterdam

  • Offshore Energy Awards
    OEEC looks at three factors that enforced the energy transition. 1) The importance of innovation in meeting goals. 2) The achievements of new talent in the offshore energy industry. 3). The significance of an effective public awareness strategy to communicate accomplishments throughout the industry. Taking these into account. The Best Innovation and Public Outreach Awards were created.