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The content theme of Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference 2023 is Changing Currents!

What about the energy transition? Will it accelerate to accomplish the ambitions set out by governments or will it take a different path? One thing is for sure, we live in turbulent times where past performances are no guarantee of future results. What is necessary for the offshore energy industry to step up?

During the content program of Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference 2023 leaders and experts from the industry share thoughts and visions on the offshore energy landscape in change, with a special focus on the offshore wind sector. This year’s The Stage items will be made available soon. Until then you can enjoy The Stage items from OEEC 2022:

Last year’s content program covered a great variety of inspiring topics.  Industry leaders came together to connect and discuss innovations and trends. The event covered topics such as energy security, hydrogen, human capital, offshore wind, and marine energy.

Across all The Stage items speakers included:

  • Ina Kamps, Vice President Offshore Wind Growth at BP
  • René Peters, Business Director at TNO
  • Guillaume de Witt, Hydrogen Lead Negotiator, Europe & North Africa at TotalEnergies
  • Caroline Justet, Vice President Europe at Strohm
  • Andries Hofman, Product Development Manager at GustoMSC
  • Edwin van de Brug, Regional Manager Offshore Wind at Van Oord
  • Jan Vos, Chairman of the Dutch Wind Energy Association (NWEA)

For those who missed out on the content program, all sessions have been recorded and are available On Demand.

View on Vimeo.
View on Vimeo.