Conference sessions 2023

Tuesday 28 November

Offshore Wind: Business as unusual

Offshore wind is a relatively young industry. It is also one of the main drivers of the energy transition.    With the ambitions for offshore wind increasing globally, growing pains are to be expected. What can the industry do to make the most out of the current boom? Expect discussions on topics such as:

•             Vessel shortages

•             Cutting of red tape

•             Industry standardization / creating frameworks

Renewable Energy: Innovate or accelerate?

Innovation is needed when it comes to making renewable energy the backbone of future energy systems. Think of offshore wind, but also new technologies like floating wind, marine energy and floating solar. But, with operation deadlines planned for 2030 and 2050, is there much more time to innovate or should the focus be on rolling up the sleeves and getting things going? Expect discussions on topics such as:

•             Collaboration vs. competition

•             Learning from other markets

•             Who takes control in the process

Offshore Energy: Business for the better

How to do business for a better tomorrow? If the offshore energy sector wants to grow in a sustainable manner, we should look at our ways of doing things differently. Conducting business with future-proofing in mind will create opportunities for companies who are willing to invest and go off the beaten path. Expect discussions on topics such as:

•             Nature enhancement

•             Sustainable solutions

•             Renewable energy

Wednesday 29 November

Supply Chain: Feeding the beast

A smooth supply chain is essential in realizing the energy transition. The high demands, a challenging geopolitical landscape and shortages of critical materials can disrupt the security of supplies.  What can be done to secure resilient supply chains? Expect discussions on topics such as:

•             Dependency on globalization

•             Aligning supply chains

•             Shortages, recycling and reuse

Hydrogen: The great connector

Hydrogen is the oldest element in the universe. Today, it is also the horse to bet on in replacing fossil fuels. It also links several markets in the offshore energy industry, making it a cross-market connector. How can this young industry flourish, and with so many stakeholders involved? Expect discussions on topics such as:

•             Market integration

•             Knowledge sharing & Collaboration

•             Creating a supply chain

Marine Energy (DMEC)

This panel discussion is in collaboration with our partner Dutch Marine Energy Centre (DMEC). The time to implement the EU’s strategy on marine renewable energy is now. Join this session to follow the latest marine energy deployments and to explore opportunities to scale-up these ambitious projects from a business, policy and technological perspective.