OEEC 2022: The future of offshore energy

Energy is grabbing the headlines day to day. From fighting climate change or foreign dependency, energy plays a pivotal role in the world. The offshore energy sector is in the middle of all these transitions.

The content program of Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference 2022 gives an overview on the recent developments, but also singles out important drivers of change. There is a focus on innovations like hydrogen and floating wind. Renewables like offshore wind, wave and solar take the stage, together with the marine industry and fossil energy.

During Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference 2022 presentations and discussions take place in the Conference Area. In a professional setting thought leaders, industry experts and researchers come together to share knowledge and discuss the latest trends. From specific presentations on game changing developments to translating global trends to the offshore sector, the Conference Area is the place to increase your industry knowledge.

Session during OEEC 2022:


Future Proof

Operating in the offshore energy sector can feel like a balancing act. How does your company contribute to the energy transition if there is no direct business case? Major companies are pushing for a net-zero supply chain, so the issue involves every player in the industry.

And how does this development relate to recent times where renewable energy is in short supply, but need for energy independency creates a market for domestic fossil energy? Expect outlooks from industry experts and views from players within the industry how to manage in a world where it is not business as usual.  

Floating Offshore Wind

The technologies that allow wind turbines to spin in deep waters far off our coasts are changing the offshore wind industry. Is it a game changer the energy transition is waiting for? What kind of opportunities can companies expect when it comes to floating wind technology?

What are the lessons learned so far and how will the operations and maintenance process change now floating wind is bound to become a big part of the picture? With the possibility of floating wind turbines, deep waters are now accessible for offshore wind. What regions are now of interest when it comes to floating wind?

Opportunities in Offshore Wind

Governments commit to offshore wind to provide renewable energy in the fight against climate change. These grand ambitions will result in the development of numerous offshore wind parks around the globe in the next decade. This boom creates opportunities for the whole supply chain.

To meet the global demand, alignment of supply chains has priority. This demands collaboration, but how to make the most of it? Given the turbulent world we are living in, are shorter supply chains needed to secure operational processes and what does that mean for the industry in Europe? Clients and operators demand that the supply chain becomes greener too. How important is it for companies to become sustainable to secure future deals?




Hydrogen and fuel cell technologies are promising tools to fight climate change. The industry takes its first steps in the transition to a clean, low-carbon energy system fueled by green hydrogen. During panel discussions and presentations stakeholders tell the story on how hydrogen is going to be integrated in our lives.

Pioneers from different markets share their experiences. Challenges when it comes to infrastructure, regulation and safety are discussed and views are shared on the roadmap towards a hydrogen economy. What are the opportunities for the supply chain in this transition?

The Executive Outlook

How do you make decisions in a fast-changing world? Because the future starts now. How is it to lead a company in these turbulent times? Expect insight information from business leaders that represent the different markets that form the offshore energy industry.

There are enough challenges for business leaders today. Shortages in the supply chain, geopolitical unrest that threaten globalization and how to attract talent and keep them working for the company. And the need to invest in sustainable solutions to stay relevant in tomorrow’s world.  

Marine Energy & Floating Solar

What is going on when it comes to marine energy? Expect the latest developments and insights but also the broad perspective. Market developments are looked at from the perspectives of companies but also from policy makers.

During this session there is a focus on off-grid solutions, cross-market partnerships and sustaining operations. This part of the Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference program is powered by DMEC.