Offshore watchdog looks into structural safety at ‘COSLPromoter’

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The Norwegian offshore safety body, the Petroleum Safety Authority (PSA), has found an improvement point during an audit of the COSLPromoter semi-submersible drilling rig. 

The PSA said on Monday that the audit of the rig was done in the domain of structural safety.

The safety body said that the audit, conducted on April 27 and 28, was carried out at COSL Drilling’s premises at Forus in Stavanger.

No regulatory non-conformities were found during the audit. However, an improvement point was identified relating to performance requirements for the closure time of watertight doors.

The agency added that the purpose of the audit was to confirm that the company possesses good systems for verifying structures and marine systems, specifically in respect of the scope of inspections, methodology, and assessment of inspection results.

As far as the rig is concerned, the COSLPromoter is a semi-submersible drilling rig designed to operate in water depths up to 750 meters. The unit is made for harsh environments like the North and Norwegian seas. The rig is of GM4000 design built at Yantai Raffles Shipyard, China.

The safety authority told COSL to report on how the improvement point will be assessed by June 19, at the latest.

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