Oliveira and EYEWIND Join Forces

Oliveira and EYEWIND Join Forces (2)

Oliveira and EYEWIND signed a cooperation agreement. Oliveira adds its condition based maintenance expertise to the periodic inspections and maintenance advice of EYEWIND.

With this, wind farm owners get a good insight into the performance and condition of their wind turbines through smart, continuous monitoring and periodic visual internal inspections plus external inspections with mini-helicopters.

Damage to wind turbines is prevented or reduced by continuous monitoring of the condition of the entire wind turbine from the manufacturing and construction, throughout the complete life cycle. This reduces downtime and produces higher yields. Maarten Timmerman, director of BLIX: “With this service of EYEWIND, we help wind farm owners to improve their returns on onshore and offshore wind farms.”

Optimal safety and reliability where BLIX Consultancy has years of knowledge and expertise in management, maintenance and inspection of wind farms, Eyewings is successful in building and operating advanced mini-helicopters, equipped with high-resolution cameras. The addition of Oliveira, specialized in measuring, monitoring and analysing vibrations and movements of machinery, completes the team. Director of Eyewings, Erwin Visschedijk: “With Oliveira, the package is complete. EYEWIND has bundled the unique expertise of three separate companies, and customers greatly benefit.”

“The strength of EYEWIND is its brand independence. We are interesting for many different parties. Not only wind farm owners, but also the providers of finance and insurance companies benefit from our independent periodic quality check”, said Twan Kohlen, director of Oliveira.

Press release, March 14, 2014; Image: blix-bv