Uranus rig carried out Trillion's 2022 – 2023 drilling campaign at SASB; Source: Trillion Energy

Ongoing perforation program ups Black Sea gas field’s production ante

Canada’s oil and gas player Trillion Energy has revealed a boost in production rates at a natural gas field in the Black Sea off Türkiye. This is the result of a three-well perforation program, which is currently underway.

Uranus rig carried out Trillion's 2022 – 2023 drilling campaign at SASB; Source: Trillion Energy

Trillion decided to embark on the perforation program to optimize production at the SASB natural gas field in a bid to ensure all six previously drilled and completed wells would be producing concurrently on a managed basis. Two out of the three well operations have either started or already been completed. As a result, the total combined production at SASB is currently 14.4 MMcf/d – 7,056 MMCF/d net to Trillion into the gas sales pipeline.

Regarding the Guluc-2 well, the perforation program includes a total of 30 meters of gas pay in five separate sands. The top two C sands at 3,665 – 3,674.5 meters MD (measured depth) were perforated on October 25 – 14.65 meters true vertical thickness (TVT) of gas pay – causing gas pressure to increase to 1,140 psi. The following day, the top 3 meters (8.46 meters TVT) of the C sands 3,644 – 3,654 meters were perforated causing gas pressure to increase to 1,735 psi.

Thanks to the high pressure, a decision was made to delay the perforation of the final pay zones in Guluc-2, totaling 12.3 meters in the B, A, and AA gas sands until after the West Akcakoca-2 perforations to allow production to stabilize first. At West Akcakoca-2, sands B and A were perforated on October 28, totaling 6 meters of gas pay causing pressure to increase to 1,742 psi. Perforation of two additional zones is ongoing. On the other hand, Akcakoca-3 will be the final well to be perforated in the C and the E sands for an additional 19 meters of gas pay.  

The Canadian player plans to provide more data on stabilized production rates during the week as perforations are currently ongoing in the West Akcakoca well and yet to begin in the Akcakoca-3 well. The work program is expected to be completed later this week. The firm has recently installed a new compressor at the Cayagzi gas field to reduce back pressure from the field into the gas processing plant.

According to Trillion, the natural gas sale prices for October are $12.33/mcf (CAD $17.14) while November gas prices are expected to be set over the next few days by the government regulator BOTAS. The company pays operating costs of $90,000 per month for SASB and a 12.5% royalty on gas sales.

Arthur Halleran, Trillion’s CEO, commented: “We are pleased with the results of our ongoing perforation program at SASB which is about halfway completed at this time. We are well on our way to following through with our work program and hitting the production targets as set out in our September 25 news release this year. The current program is just the beginning, we will continue to work on increasing gas production at SASB until we are satisfied with the results.”

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On a mission to meet its 2024 production guidance, Trillion plans to drill five new sidetracked production wells from existing platforms at the SASB gas field development to raise the total number of producing wells to 11. Additionally, the Black Sea drilling campaign at the field will include at least one exploration well targeting potential stratigraphic natural gas prospects, as the current six wells are structural deposits.