ORE Catapult to Host Seminar on 66kV Inter-Array Cables

The benefits associated with doubling the operating voltage of inter-array systems for large scale wind farms from 33kV to 66kV is widely understood, particularly as the industry strives to lower the costs associated with larger turbines.

Despite the obvious benefits, developers currently lack the confidence to fully back the new technology that is required to enable these systems to be implemented. Consequently this is having an impact on the supply chain’s ability to develop and certify 66kV inter-array systems.

Recognising the industry issue, ORE Catapult will host a free and open seminar and workshop tomorrow to discuss some of the perceived risks and tackle the issues around implementing higher voltage inter-array systems, specifically focussing on transformers, cables, switchgear and terminations.

An optional site visit and workshop to kick-off a joint industry project related to developing cable specification guidelines will also be discussed at the event.

Press release; Image: britned