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PanGeo gets to work on Hollandse Kust West Beta cable route

Next Geosolutions has selected PanGeo Subsea, a Kraken Robotics company, to provide its sub-bottom imager (SBI) technology to conduct a survey along the Hollandse Kust West Beta cable routes.

The London-headquartered NextGeo has been carrying out various works as part of its contract with TenneT for UXO survey services in support of offshore wind development activities in the Dutch sector of the North Sea.

Following the completion of a route survey campaign performed on Hollandse Kust West Beta last year, NextGeo has now appointed PanGeo to conduct a detailed survey around the Baloeran wreck close to cable routes to provide a clearer picture of subsea conditions underneath the seabed level.

“We are truly excited to have the opportunity to team up with NextGeo and work together on the HKWb campaign. TenneT is no stranger to the SBI data, we value this and strive to continuously explore ways to enhance our service delivery. We look forward to building a strong working relationship with NextGeo to leverage onto future projects in the region,” said Moya Cahill, PanGeo Subsea CEO.

The SBI has been installed on Ievoli Ivory’s WROV to ensure a maximized coverage of the targeted area characterized by strong currents, shallow water depth and very low visibility, NextGeo said.

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The Hollandse Kust West Beta platform is one of the two that will connect the wind farms from the Hollandse Kust West area to the onshore grid, the other being Hollandse Kust West Alpha.

The 700 MW Beta will enter operation in 2025, a year after the Alpha platform is put into service.

A consortium between Boskalis and Orient Cable (NBO) is in charge of the supply and installation of two 65-kilometer-long 220 kV export cables and a 9-kilometer long 66 kV interconnector cable between the Hollandse Kust West Alpha and Hollandse Kust West Beta offshore substations.

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