Petronas selects UMW for hydraulic workover units provision

Malaysian oil company Petronas Carigali has hired UMW for the provision of hydraulic workover units for well maintenance.

UMW-Oil and gas said its subsidiary UMW Workover would  provide unites for workover services for Petronas Carigali under an umbrella contract.

The contract calls for the use of “all or any” of the UMW Workover’s five hydraulic workover units, namely UMW Gait 1, UMW Gait 2, UMW Gait 3, UMW Gait 5, and UMW Gait 6 to undertake workover services, that is maintenance and/or remedial treatments on an oil or gas well.

“The contract is of an umbrella framework which provides an over-arching contractual relationship which may comprise a series of individual orders and call-outs,” UMW said.

The contract has a term of three years with an option to extend for a further one year.

Orders for services under the Contract are individually made through call-outs and at stipulated prices. At present there has not been any call-out or work orders for services, UMW said.