PGNiG Starts Drilling for Shale Gas at Luzino Well

PGNiG Starts Drilling for Shale Gas at Luzino Well

Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo (PGNiG) has commenced the drilling of the exploratory Tępcz-1 vertical borehole, the purpose of which is to investigate the hydrocarbon potential of shale deposits.

The borehole is located in the administrative district of Luzino, within the Wejherowo licence area. Its target depth is 3,380 metres, and the work is expected to continue for around two months. The drilling work will be performed by Exalo, a PGNiG Group company, using the MASS 6000E rig.

This is the second borehole to be drilled in the district of Luzino. The previous one, Kochanowo-1, was drilled in May and June 2013 down to a depth of 3,275 metres. The sampled core is currently undergoing testing and analysis to identify the presence and saturation of hydrocarbon deposits.

At the same time as this, 3D seismic work is underway over the Kochanowo-Tępcz-Cząstkowo area. Analysis of these seismic data together with the results from pilot boreholes Kochanowo-1 and Tępcz-1 will provide the basis for the 2015 design of horizontal boreholes to be drilled in this area, and also for the planning of subsequent fracturing operations. The purpose of this work is to confirm that production of commercial quantities of natural gas is possible from the Ordovician and Silurian formations in the south-eastern part of the Wejherowo licence area.

PGNiG  has so far drilled 12 boreholes on shale prospects in its licence areas.

Press Release, May 5, 2014; Image: PGNiG
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