PGS completes Niger Delta 2020 3D data reprocessing

PGS has completed the Niger Delta 2020 reprocessing package for the reassessment of Nigerian offshore exploration opportunities.

West NIger Delta 2020 survey (Courtesy of PGS)

Norwegian seismic company released additional 1,000 square kilometres of reprocessed 3D data from OPL 248.

West NIger Delta 2020 survey (Courtesy of PGS)

The West Niger Delta 2020 reprocessed 3D survey covers blocks OPL 248, 249, 250, 2011, and OML 140. It spans two main structural provinces directly linked to the gravity-driven movement of the Akata Shale Formation.

According to PGS, the broadband reprocessing of 3D data using modern workflows resulted in a clear illumination of complex structures and potential exploration targets.

The survey is said to be well-timed as Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari signed into law the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB), 2021, with new preferential tax provisions for deep offshore projects that encourage exploratory activities in this area.