PGS to Offer Data in APA 2019 Award Areas

Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) has set out plans to offer GeoStreamer X data in APA 2019 Award Areas announced by NPD.

PGS has GeoStreamer data library coverage over the 2019 APA license areas announced by NPD and plans for new acquisition projects in 2020 to further expand this in key areas of the Barents Sea, Norwegian Sea, Viking Graben and Central Graben.

We have good coverage in the APA awarded areas, with opportunities to grow the recent GeoStreamer X acquisition, opening up prospects in this area with improved illumination and data quality,” said Gunhild Myhr, VP New Ventures at PGS.

New production licenses for 69 areas on the Norwegian continental shelf were offered to 28 companies this week in the APA 2019 round.

PGS’ data in the Barents Sea, the Norwegian Sea and the Viking and Central Grabens in the North Sea provides a platform for the effective exploration of untapped opportunities in the mature parts of the Norwegian continental shelf, the company explained.

“Modern GeoStreamer multisensor data, preprocessed and imaged using the latest technology and tailored workflows will make it easier to find nearfield potential, spot hidden targets, rank, and derisk exploration in mature areas,” added Gunhild Myhr.