Pharos Subsea Hydraulic Cable Grab Helps Repair Basslink

After completing London Array work, Pharos Offshore has secured a new job for its subsea hydraulic cable grab in Bass Strait off the Tasmanian coastline.

The subsea hydraulic cable grab will be used to recover the Basslink subsea cable for repair. The cable experienced fault in December last year.

The Basslink, connecting George Town in Tasmania and Loy Yang in Victoria, has a possible fault with the cable which is located approximately 100km off the Tasmanian coastline.

According to Pharos, the system was prepared and shipped within two days to the customer.

Earlier this month, Tasmanian Government informed about additional 30-day outage caused by the fault in Basslink. The Government said the outage will not have any impact on the power prices.

Subsea World News Staff