Photo of the Day: Jack-Up Barge’s JB 117 Works on BorWin Beta

Offshore WIND’s photo of the day: The JB 117 self-elevating platform, owned by Jack-Up Barge B.V., doing its job on the BorWin beta platform.

Photo of the Day: Jack-Up Barge's JB117 Works on BorWin Beta

The BorWin beta platform will transform the alternating current (AC) supplied by wind turbines from two offshore wind farms, Veja Mate and Global Tech 1, before converting it to the same voltage of direct current. The Dutch supplier of offshore self-elevating platforms recently completed trials of its new portable DP2 system which allows a cost-effective installation method. The JB 117 is one of the company’s platforms on which the system can be integrated.

Offshore WIND Staff, May 2, 2014; Image: Jack-Up Barge B.V.

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