PNG Government Officials Visit Steber

PNG Government Officials Visit Steber

Taree boat manufacturer, Steber International, is hopeful of expanding it’s fleet purchases to Papua New Guinea following a recent high level government visit. The firm has already supplied over 10 vessels to PNG to fill a number of marine roles including a university fishing training vessel.

PNG Treasurer, Mr Don Poyle, accompanied by general manager, Mr Alan Steber, tested the Middle Harbour 38-foot Steber Marina Rescue vessel during a whirlwind visit to Sydney. They also inspected Steber navy vessels at Garden Island as well as the Sydney Water Police, another Steber fleet owner.

Mr Poyle was impressed with the attention to detail and the comprehensive safety aspects of the rescue boat.

He spoke directly with crew members of the Middle Harbour Marine Rescue vessel who praised the boat’s performance”, Mr Steber said. “They advised that the vessel, almost two-years-old, has 935 engine hours on the clock, with just over 60 rescues this year alone. The vessel has towed home 60-foot plus vessels without any problems”.

Mr Steber said he is prepared to re-visit PNG to provide further details and finalise contracts for future purchases.

Apart from the direct sale of vessels to PNG, Steber International has joined forces with a local service company to assist with regular maintenance and crew training of existing and future PNG fleets.


Press Release, September 16, 2013