Protean WEC Detailed Design Complete

Stonehenge Metals Limited announced that the detailed design of the Protean Wave Energy Converter (WEC) has been completed.

The detailed design was completed by Moore Commerce Pty well within schedule and within budget; opening the way for preparation for the fabrication of the first 1.5kW device ahead of schedule, the Company informed.

Stonehenge aims to create an economically viable wave energy converter to satisfy the global demand for cost effective renewable energy.

The Protean WEC buoy converts relative movement between the static ocean floor and the floating buoy into energy. It takes advantage of the full movement produced when a buoyant body interacts with the ocean’s waves.

The tension mooring system uses a combination of cables running from an ocean floor mounted clump weight to the Protean™ Wave Energy buoy on the ocean surface. The electricity from the Protean™ Wave Energy buoy is transmitted to shore via cables running along the ocean floor.