PSA to Investigate Gas Leak at Hammerfest LNG

PSA to Investigate Gas Leak at Hammerfest LNG

The Petroleum Safety Authority (PSA) said it will conduct an investigation into two escapes of hydrocarbons at the Hammerfest LNG plant on Melkøya in northern Norway during 5-6 January 2014.

A gas leak at the Statoil-operated gas liquefaction facility outside Hammerfest was discovered on the evening of 5 January. A controlled shutdown and pressure blowdown were initiated.

Preliminary information from Statoil suggests that the escape of gas was substantial. The leak rate and volume are not known at present.

The leak site was identified as a pump in the process plant. After a detailed assessment, it was resolved to resume production via a different pump. That led to a condensate leak from a heat exchanger, which was quickly closed off.

PSA investigation will seek in part to clarify the course of events and to identify the direct and underlying causes.

LNG World News Staff, January 10, 2014; Image: Statoil

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