PSV Pacific Liberty delivered to SPO

Shipowner and operator, Swire Pacific Offshore Operations (SPO) has named its fourth L Class Platform Supply Vessel (PSV), Pacific Liberty at a ceremony held in Kyoto, Japan on Tuesday, February 3, 2015.

The naming ceremony was held at Maizuru Shipyard of Japan Marine United Corporation (JMU) in Kyoto. The vessel’s Lady Sponsor was Sylvia Maria Z. Pertierra, the wife of Eduardo Pertierra, President of Anscor Swire Ship Management Corporation. The event was attended by 30 people including Rupert Bray, Marine Services Director of SPO and Yoshio Otagaki, Representative Director and Vice President, Ship and Offshore Division, JMU.

“The naming of Pacific Liberty marks the completion of our successful partnership with JMU for the L Class series, our new generation of large PSV vessels. This fuel efficient and technically advanced vessel will join her sisters, Pacific Leader, Pacific Legacy and Pacific Legend, in providing safe, reliable and high quality services to our clients around the world,” says Managing Director of SPO, Neil Glenn.

Pacific Liberty is the fourth and final vessel of a series of L Class vessels that SPO has commissioned JMU to build. The first vessel, Pacific Leader was delivered in April 2014, followed by Pacific Legacy in August 2014 and Pacific Legend in September 2014.

Swire Pacific says that this L Class vessel (5252 DWT) is well-suited for supply duties in deep water environment. The vessel has a large cargo carrying capacity and bulk cargo system and features fuel efficient propulsion pods as well as a four-engine diesel electric power plant.

PSV Pacific Liberty delivered to SPO_

The bulbous bow design takes into consideration varying operating speed, draughts and sea states that Offshore Support Vessels (OSV) typically operate in and is designed to maximise its effectiveness over a wide range rather than a tuned design point. The main deck has a clear deck space of 912 square metres.

The propulsion system uses a computerised power management system that can be programmed to ensure optimisation of the diesel engine load and fuel consumption. The Cargomaxx bulk system utilises a pressure vacuum system to load and unload the cargo and has a product weighing system to accurately measure a product delivered as an individual parcel or as an aggregated amount over a period of time, allowing dry and wet bulk cargoes to be carried in five separate tanks. The FiFi 1, DP2 vessel is also SPS Compliant and Clean Class.

“We congratulate SPO on the successful naming of Pacific Liberty. The addition of the large PSVs in the L Class series to the SPO fleet will certainly enhance SPO’s competitiveness as a trusted and forward-looking service provider,” says Representative Director and Vice President, Ship and Offshore Division, JMU, Yoshio Otagaki.

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