QGC Employment Reaches 14,500 Jobs

QGC Employment Reaches 14,500 Jobs

QGC and its major contractors currently employ 14,500 people, with more than 15 people hired every day for the past year.

In the natural gas company’s latest six-monthly report to Queensland’s Coordinator-General on Australian industry participation, QGC said investment in construction, exploration and operations since January 2010 had passed A$19.4 billion.

This included all investment by BG Group in both QGC and the world-first Queensland Curtis LNG Project.

QGC said about A$16.3 billion – or 84% of the total A$19.4 billion – had been invested with Australian firms since 1 January 2010.

Queensland firms had received 68%, or A$13.2 billion, of the total.

The report covers 1 April to 30 September 2013.

QGC Managing Director Derek Fisher said more than 118,800 Australian businesses had registered their interest in doing business with QGC since 2010.

“QGC is delivering significant economic and social benefits across Queensland from the Surat Basin to Gladstone,” Fisher said.

“For more than a year now QGC and our contractors have hired 15 people a day – or a total of 5600 jobs.

“A snapshot of current contracts shows we are investing nearly A$920 million in Gladstone and about A$915 million in the Western Downs region.”

The number of training courses for staff and contractors had increased to 36,100, with a focus on safety skills.

“Training people to work safely and efficiently is a priority as we ramp up construction ready for first LNG in 2014,” Mr Fisher said.

“Work to prepare our teams who will maintain and operate QCLNG is already underway.”

The report also showed 259 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders were working with QGC and its major contractors and 315 graduates, trainees, cadets and apprentices were employed.

LNG World News Staff, December 03, 2013