Quintet joins forces on designing LNG-fueled very large ore carrier

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Woodside Energy, Anangel Maritime Services, Hyundai Heavy Industries, General Electric Company and Lloyd’s Register joined forces to develop an LNG-fueled very large ore carrier (VLOC) design. 

The joint design program, unveiled at the Gastech conference currently being held in Japan, is aimed at exploring the suitability of technologies for large ships, such as VLOC, according to Lloyd’s Register’s statement.

Since the introduction of IMO Nitrogen Oxide and Sulphur Oxide emission limitations, and the increased developments in the global supply of gas, there is a continued need for ship designs to evolve to provide further alternatives to traditional oil-fuelled designs, the statement reads.

“The novel ship propulsion design burning natural gas is considered as the most favorable option and the adoption of novel gas storage, supply and propulsion technologies are not only environmentally-friendly but also provide a wealth of possibilities for cost-efficient design and operation,” LR said.

The agreement outlines the joint design project for a conventional dual-fuel powered VLOC incorporating proved technologies. The next stage of the JDP will then investigate the design and benefits of highly efficient next-generation LNG-fueled propulsion systems.

A programme of work has been agreed by the joint parties to address design, construction and operational aspects including LNG bunkering, with the aim to create a new generation of cost efficient, safe, reliable and above all, environmentally-optimised design for large ore carriers, the statement reads.

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