Ramboll wins KBH02 cable route survey

Denmark’s energy operator Energinet has selected consulting engineering group Ramboll for cable route survey as part of the KBH02 ‘København02’ project.


The city development of the Danish capital, Copenhagen, is expanding offshore with the aim to create artificial islands for housing and commercial use in the marine harbor areas.

As a consequence, Denmark decided to replace an existing 132 kV subsea power cable.

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The new 132 kV cable should consist of a approximately 10 kilometres of subsea power cable.

The scope of this assignment is related to the offshore part of the new 132 kV cable.

Ramboll‘s scope consist of geophysical survey, geotechnical and environmental investigations, crossing survey and reporting with data delivery.

Specifically, geophysical survey includes Multi-Beam Echo-Sounding for bathymetric mapping, side scan sonar for mapping of the seabed surface and a high-resolution magnetometry survey for mapping of UXOs, ferrous man-made object, marine archaeology and utility crossings such as power- or telecommunication cables.

Water depths within the cable route survey corridor are between approximately 0 and 20 metres.

Furthermore, geotechnical and environmental investigations consist of combined seabed sampling and CPT testing, to depth 3 metres below seabed.

Soil samples should be used for geotechnical investigations for soil properties as well as environmental laboratory test.

Also, ROV crossing survey should determine xyz positions of the third parties’ utilities within the survey route, inclusive video documentation.

The contract has a value of close to €1 million.