RAN Committed to the Security of the North West Shelf

A trio of warships recently conducted a patrol of the North West Shelf Oil and Gas Fields as part of the Australian Government’s Border Protection Operations.

RAN Committed to the Security of the North West Shelf

HMA Ships Success, Ballarat and Toowoomba tested communications, procedures and protocols between Coastwatch, Defence assets and Oil and Gas Installations during the patrol.

Commanding Officer of HMAS Toowoomba, Commander Cath Hayes said these patrols highlight the strategic importance of the region to Australia

These patrols are important demonstrations of the interoperability that exists between Defence, Coastwatch and the Oil and Gas Installations. Regular patrols of these areas ensure we are prepared for any contingencies. As a part of Australian Government’s maritime security framework we safeguard these off-shore facilities,” CMDR Hayes said.

While demonstrating their presence in the area HMA Ships Success and Toowoomba also conducted a Replenishment at Sea evolution, during which Toowoomba received fuel from Success while underway.

This was the second patrol of the North West Shelf area by major fleet unit this year with HMAS Sirius having conducted a similar patrol in January. The simultaneous presence of this trio of Major Fleet Units has ably demonstrated the Royal Australian Navy’s strong ongoing commitment to the security of the North West Shelf Oil and Gas fields.


March 17, 2014