Raytheon to Launch ShipGuard at SMM, Hamburg

Raytheon to Launch ShipGuard at SMM, HamburgIn view of an increasing demand for security of merchant ships and maritime trade, Raytheon Anschütz, a German-based manufacturer of Integrated Bridge Systems, has developed ShipGuard, a shipborne security solution. ShipGuard will be presented for the first time ever at SMM 2014 in Hamburg.


ShipGuard integrates the vessels existing navigation systems such as AIS and radar with a suite of commercial surveillance cameras.

ShipGuard is available as a stand-alone system to upgrade existing or bridge system installations or as a functional task on Raytheon Anschütz’ Synapsis multifunctional workstations.

In its basic configuration ShipGuard offers the crew early detection and identification of approaching contacts, intuitive classification and alarm zone monitoring, as well as monitoring of own and friendly units such as support vessels or tender boats.

Built on the Synapsis system architecture, ShipGuard can be configured and integrated with individual components to meet individual requirements best.

ShipGuard can be used onboard various ships for multiple purposes including:

  • perimeter protection, privacy protection and tender tracking solutions onboard megayachts;
  • oil rig and wind farm protection tasks performed by offshore or wind farm service ships; and
  • anti-piracy solutions required by cruise and cargo ships.

For safety-sensitive markets, ShipGuard can be enhanced with advanced options such as Geo-Tiff maps, additional radars or sonars, a marine small target tracker, data links for ship-to-ship or ship-to-shore data exchange, integrated search light control or even integrated control of effectors such as acoustic devices, water cannons, or laser dazzlers.

Press Release, July 28, 2014