Redline’s high speed wireless for use on offshore platforms

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Redline Communications, a provider of mission-critical wireless networks, today announced two new specialized additions to its RAS series of high speed mobile wireless terminals – RAS-Extend Land Vehicle (LV), and RAS-Extend Marine.

Redline's high speed wireless for use on offshore platforms

RAS Extend Land Vehicle (LV) delivers high speed network connectivity to people and equipment in land vehicles operating in remote areas, while RAS-Extend Marine effortlessly connects offshore platforms and marine vessels.

Redline specializes in mission critical wireless networks – for oil and gas producers, utilities and military – all users with the most challenging networking needs,” said Bojan Subasic, vice president of development and production at Redline. “What Redline delivers with our RAS-Extend is high speed and long range wireless communications for mobile assets such as ships or maritime drilling platforms, as well as a system that anyone can use at any time without specialized training.”

The company claims that the RAS-Extend LV and Marine are the first wireless broadband networking systems designed to connect mobile assets in remote locations, by automatically locating and connecting to a network base station and establishing reliable high speed connectivity. RAS – which stands for Rapid Alignment System – combines an intelligent antenna positioning system and integrates it into Redline’s flagship product family, the RDL-3000. These features allow mobile users in remote areas to maintain wireless connections with speeds as fast as 100 Mbps and a range exceeding 50 miles (80 km) from the closest base station.

“Both the RAS-Extend LV and Marine are already in limited use with customers in the oil and gas industry,” added Subasic. “RAS-Extend LV is bringing connectivity to mobile users in the oil fields of North Dakota, and the RAS Extend Marine is allowing vessels to stay in constant contact with offshore drilling platforms even as they move. They are using it for a wide range of applications – including real-time M2M communications, SCADA, high resolution video, Wi-Fi, telephony, sat comm extension, and backhaul services.”

These new RAS systems are built on top of Redline’s Universal Wireless Transport™ (UWT™) platform, the industry’s first and only wireless broadband network solution to operate on any frequency between 100 MHz and 6 GHz – a range that encompasses virtually all wireless broadband applications – giving network planners the broadest range of options to build networks globally, the company adds.


Press Release, April 10, 2014


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