Photo: Image courtesy of Reganosa

Reganosa: Mugardos LNG terminal 2019 activity jumps

Image courtesy of Reganosa

Spanish LNG terminal operator Reganosa said its Mugardos liquefied natural gas plant in the port of Ferrol, was the third most used terminal in the Spanish system. 

The company said that the LNG facility has jumped one position within the ranking of the use of the Spanish system (displacing the one in Barcelona) and is placed as the third most used in relative terms, Reganosa said in its statement.

Throughout 2019, the Mugardos terminal carried out 20 ship discharges, 54 percent more than in 2018.

A total of 2.22 million cubic meters of LNG (14,874 GWh) reached the facility’s tanks, Reganosa said.

This increase in maritime traffic was reflected in the increase in regasification work.

From January to December, the complex issued 20.7 percent more energy to the network than in the previous 12 months: 13,254 Gwh. This is the equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of 3,8 million homes, according to Reganosa.

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