Regulations for Prevention of Pollution by Garbage from Ships – MARPOL Annex V

Regulations for Prevention of Pollution by Garbage from Ships - MARPOL Annex V

January 1st 2013 is the date when all mariners are to be aware of the revised garbage disposal requirements dictated by MARPOL Annex V.

Marine Management companies have in general been quick to ensure their crews are aware of the new requirements. They have worked through their revised garbage management plans and given instruction with regard to recording discharges of garbage. A totally new garbage record book has been designed to accommodate the new garbage categories introduced by the revised annex V.

Offshore Oil and Gas Industry

Nowhere is the compliance with garbage regulations more important and visible than in the offshore oil and gas industry. The very nature of the industry means that these vessels are not involved in long deep sea passages unless relocating from one area of operation to another. Construction vessels, FPSOs, MODUs, anchor handling and supply vessels are all subject to routine inspections by auditors employed by the oil field operator. Compliance with garbage disposal regulations is a requirement to work within any offshore sector and inspection must be expected from both port officials and the oil company auditor.

Do Not Throw Garbage Overboard

MARPOL Annex V Regulation 10 requires every ship of 12m or more in length and fixed and floating platforms to display placards notifying the crew and passengers of the discharge requirements. These placards shall be written in the working language of the ship’s crew and, for ships engaged in voyages to ports or offshore terminals under the jurisdiction of other Parties to the Convention, shall also be in English, French or Spanish. In response to local distributor requests, Maritime Progress has translated its popular poster 1042Y – “Do Not Throw Garbage Overboard” into both the Spanish and Portuguese language.


Maritime Progress, December 10, 2012

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